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1997 - Loyalist Court

'Piglet Snout Blues'

Click on THIS link to download LOYALIST COURT in its entirety as a .zip file.

All songs by Martin Warren, (c) 1997 (SOCAN/BMI)

LOYALIST COURT was a group of basement experiments (maybe they could be called 'songs') featuring a pc-speaker metronome & repetitive keyboard lines, an unplugged electric guitar, completely improvised lyrics about piglet snouts and penguins, and something that sounds halfway between a bass and a band-saw.

The original tape also included an extremely boring 15+ minute drum/bass pattern and another track too trivial to bother remembering. The existing 15-minute 'e.p.' contains the only tracks of value.
  'Piglet Snout Blues' is likely the best track.

SONGS: You Were Penguin Lover, Worship, Piglet's Snout Blues, Penguin Icebox

PERSONNEL: Songs by Martin Warren.