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1998 - Architecture & Community Planning I

'Easter Island Statues'

Click here to download ARCHPLAN I in full as a .zip file.

All songs by Architecture & Community Planning
(c) 1998 (SOCAN/BMI).

ARCHPLAN was a studio collaberation with Joey Haley. Its goal was to create a "bureocratic music".

The songs on this first edition of A&CP were literally studio 'constructions', using tape loops for rhythm tracks, and ukuleles driven through effects processors for some of the sounds. All songs were recorded at CHSR-FM studios in Fredericton, NB. Exotic locations were used for the lyric settings
'Soapstone Eskimoes' and 'Easter Island Statues' are the most accessible tracks, with 'primitive' rhythms and guitar-like instrumentation.  'Crab Legs on the Beach' is a minimalist exercise, and 'Sassifras 4B' is an almost ambient instrumental.

SONGS: Soapstone Eskimoes, Easter Island Statues, Architecture and Community Planning, My Tranquility, Crab Legs on the Beach, Spy Gem, Sassifras 4B, Stucco and Tofu.

PERSONNEL: All music on ARCHITECTURE & COMMUNITY PLANNING I by Martin Warren and Joey Haley.
All lyrics
by Martin Warren.