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2000 - The Gutter Songs


Click on THIS link to download THE GUTTER SONGS in its entirety as a .zip file.

All songs by Martin Warren (c) 2000 (SOCAN/BMI).

THE GUTTER SONGS were recorded off-the-cuff to a blaster, complete horrible grinding motor and condenser get the picture.  (No, not THAT picture, although it is horrible, to be sure.)

Most of the songs here have a serious angle, if you listen to them between escalating beers, and it's funny how some of them actually have worked when I played them live.  This, in spite of the very prominent flaw of not making sense (on this planet, at least!)  Some country influences staggered out of the woodwork in "Overtook" and "I Walked Away For You", but "I'd Never Take You For Granted" is one of the very few ballads I've got that I consider decent.  There's also stuff like 'At the Table' that...I lose some sleep over, in retrospect!

I'd Never Take You For Granted, You Won't Have to Share, Heart Torn In Two, Can of Worms, Overtook, It's Your Brain (Synthetic Paranormals), I Walked Away For You, In The Gutter, I Don't Want To Want No-One, Hi Jean, At the Table

PERSONNEL: Songs by Martin Warren. Recorded live to condenser microphone.