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2001 - Seismograph

'595 King Street'

Click on this link to download SEISMOGRAPH in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2001 (SOCAN/BMI)

SEISMOGRAPH was recorded between August and early December 2001.  Checking in at 35 minutes, the collection is focused and pulls no punches lyrically. It is nowhere nearly as joyful as An Afternoon, recorded scarcely a month before.

'Another For My Friends' sets an almost depressed tone. 'What's In That Bottle?' adds angry tonic, but 'What's This All About?' turns the first question over.

'You Were Not There' menaces, and '595 King Street' sarcastically spits out disjointed images of a disjointed party.

The closing version of 'Another For My Friends' was actually the first one recorded.  It's closer to a bar-room rave-up than the version which opened SEISMOGRAPH.  I don't think that this song can be performed the same way twice.

My opinion is that the spare recording values suit the songs.

SONGS: Another For My Friends, What's In That Bottle?, What's This All About, You Were Not There, 595 King Street January 1989, Silently, Another For My Friends (version 2)

Songs by Martin Warren