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2005 - The Slate

'Attic Blues'

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Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2005 (SOCAN/BMI)

THE SLATE was digitally recorded in May and June of 2005, and contains a few songs written over the previous three years of hiatus as well as some new ones. THE SLATE has more variety than any previous effort since the mid-'90's Taste of Blood and Thaw, both in terms of the song styles and overall sound.

The title track has the familiar high-intensity Dylanesque approach of 2000-2001 work, but that's where that particular similarity ends. 'Tangier' is an escapist interlude with weird piano. 'Attic Blues' is kinda like solo John Phillips meets quiet but gloomy Darklands-era Jesus & Mary Chain. 'Cappuccino Radio' has an early Cohen-style simmering rage to it, I have been told.

'Sushi & Tommy's Brains', another dream-story in the vein of 'The Guest House' from ONE BOWLFULL; this time with more of a psychedelic goth thing to it and a spooky ending. 'Groundhog' is an acoustic punk lament about a groundhog rotting in a living room. 'Orangutan Repossessed' is a diatribe against 'joiners', and has some muttering to it.

Why all the animal titles?  God knows!

There are several instrumentals throughout this CD which give the lyrics a chance to settle first.

SONGS: The Slate (version 1) , Tangier, Attic Blues, May Your Prophecies Never End, Anteater (instrumental), Sushi & Tommy's Brains, Groundhog, Orangatan Reposessed, Cappuccino Radio, Chungking Itinerary (instrumental), Equation (instrumental), Tangier (Reprise), The Slate(v 2)

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