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2007 - They'll Get You!

'Tahiti Song'

Click on this link to download THEY'LL GET YOU! in its entirety as a .zip file.

Songs by Martin Warren (c) 2007 (SOCAN/BMI)

THEY'LL GET YOU! was what I ended up with after messing around with some freeware audio programs for a couple of years.  A lot of the result was accidental.

The title track is a phased-out robofunk thing I wrote the words to at the last minute before recording.  It wasn't clear even to myself what it was, but it didn't sound like anything I had done before, so the whole project was named after it.

What follows are really the only 3 true lyrical 'songs' here:  'Pin It Down' is as close as THEY'LL GET YOU gets to the projects that went before, and owes something to Dylan's 'Tombstone Blues'.  'Tahiti Song', is great fun to play live.  The drums are all over the place, but so is the song itself.  Also, there's 'The Universe That Time Forgot', a spacey piece set in an abandoned movie theater.

The mostly instrumental sections of 'Place In The Country' (a.k.a. 'PITC') compose a lot of this project.  This piece is dominated by odd rhythms and keyboard tunes and sounds linked by effects and samples obtained from the freesound website under the Creative Commons license per the information listed on the back cover below.

  They'll Get You!, Pin It Down, Tahiti Song, The Universe That Time Forgot, PITC (Place In The Country, parts 1-9), Pin It Down (version 2).

PERSONNEL:  Songs by Martin Warren.